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  • OEM Power Window Switch for Proton Waja (Single/Sub/Passenger Switch)

OEM Power Window Switch for Proton Waja (Single/Sub/Passenger Switch)

Product Code:OEM Power Window Switch for Proton Waja
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  • RM88.00

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  • For Proton Waja
  • Passenger Side Power Window Switch
  • Plug and Play
This is a piece of Proton Waja Single Power Window Switch that fits in any model of Proton Waja. INSTALLATION: If you have never removed or installed this switch please don't pay to have it done. It is an easy 5 minute job. Carefully pry up the plastic switch cover or bezel, the switch is attached to it with screws and your door wiring is plugged into the switch with a tabbed gang wire clip. Pull out the clip without tugging on the wiring. You may need to depress a tab with a small screwdriver while doing this. Plug in new switch and test. Swap the cover onto the new switch and drop back in the door. Done! We provide best quality product and the best service.

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